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Setting and Communicating Clear Expectations

The setting of clear expectations by leaders is essential to focusing behaviors and actions. When I became the senior executive for one of my former employer’s most important business functions, the first thing I did was determine what was most important to our success moving forward. I identified eight expectations I believed would contribute most…

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The Many Faces of Leadership – Part I

I have asked thousands of participants in my leadership workshops to define the activities of effective and fit leaders. Many point to the leader as the key visionary for the organization, while others point to leaders as motivators, risk takers, delegators and masterful communicators. Here is the first in a series of posts highlighting the…

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Building a Signature Program

I want to thank my friend and colleague Shawn Driscoll for selecting our Institute for Leadership Fitness as a “perfect example of what I consider a ‘signature’ program”. You can read Shawn’s article on our Institute by visiting her blog Leading the Way. Shawn inspires high achieving executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to follow a path…

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Choose to Be Curious, Not Furious

Watching my clients interact in team meetings provides me with numerous examples of how people tend to get “furious rather than curious” when they disagree with something someone else has said. Many of us jump too quickly to let a colleague “see” why they are wrong, or how their logic is faulty. Perhaps we do…

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Leading Through Tough Times

Leadership is challenging even in the best of times. When markets sour and the economy finds itself in a tailspin, leaders often are stretched and tested. Staying focused on long-term strategies can be a challenge when so many fires beg to be put out. We will emerge from these tough times, and while we may…

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