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Archive for June 2010

The 90-Day Runway

Spend time on any Internet search engine these days, or peruse the business or personal development shelves of any local bookstore or library, and you likely will find numerous titles and references pointing to the significance of “the next 90-day period”. A quick glance through just the first page of a recent Internet search on… Continue Reading The 90-Day Runway

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5 Riddles to Sharpen Your Thinking Skills

My good friend and colleague Alan Headbloom ( specializes in helping foriegn-born professionals communicate with more comfort and accuracy. Every month or two, Alan sends me thought-provoking articles that always cause me to stretch my thinking. This month, one of Alan’s articles included 5 riddles for sharpening our thinking skills. See if you can solve these riddles… Continue Reading 5 Riddles to Sharpen Your Thinking Skills

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