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Winning Others Over

Former Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca once noted that “you can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere”. The foundation to earning support for ideas includes good leadership, communication and planning. Even ideas we are convinced are the best will be implemented only when others become convinced.…

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Conquering Job Stress

Early in my career, I began to notice a trend: As I signed up for more and more responsibilities, I experienced increasing amounts of stress. I started to worry about whether I would be able to deliver on all of my promises as I watched my list of commitments grow taller and taller.Because I was…

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The Valuable (And Sometimes Surprising) Benefits of Rounding

At one point in my career, I managed people in 10 different offices around the country. I realized that if I wanted to help these employees feel connected to what we were doing in our headquarters office, I needed to make myself more visible and visit each office on a regular basis. This gave me…

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