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Getting Rid of Communication Static

If you want to be a fit leader, it’s critical to clearly communicate your messages and ensure those messages are actually heard and understood by others. In my dealings with employees and colleagues over the years, I’ve discovered a number of strategies leaders can employ to remove ambiguity or “static” from their communications. After you…

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Treading Softly

When was the last time your organization changed?  Last month, last week or just a few hours ago?    The one thing many of us have come to accept in life is that change is one of the few constants.  Whether we like it or not, staying flexible means staying relevant.  Evolving customer needs, new and emerging…

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Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

Most organizations make considerable investments in the selection of new employees.  Whether it is the cost of advertising open positions, retaining a third-party recruiting agency or the hours spent internally on the part of multiple parties interviewing potential candidates, we’re talking lots of time and money.  Why is it then that once these new employees arrive,…

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