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Archive for October 2011

Overmanaging and Underleading

What do leaders really do?  This is a question I ask on the first day of every Fit Leader’s Program I conduct.   Typical answers include: communicate a vision, resolve conflict, create budgets, recruit top talent, ensure sufficient resources, etc.  With 20-30 answers documented on flip chart paper around the room, I proceed to teach John Kotter’s model of leadership which… Continue Reading Overmanaging and Underleading

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Jump and the Net Will Appear

Even when leaders become clear about where they want to take their teams, self-doubt can stop them dead in their tracks. All leaders are subject to resisters and critics, both external and internal. But with a little bit of practice, you can learn to overcome these negative voices. In Jump and the Net Will Appear… Continue Reading Jump and the Net Will Appear

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