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Many leaders deliver excellent results during their careers. But how can they make their contribution sustainable, foster it in others – and not burn out? The answers are delivered in this remarkably engaging and practical book from the mind of Dr. David Chinsky.

The Fit Leader’s Companion: A Down-to-Earth Guide for Sustainable Leadership Success is a compelling and powerful guide for leaders seeking balanced lives marked by personal health and sustained contribution. For over a decade, more than 5,000 leaders have field-tested and refined the Leadership Fitness® model that serves as the foundation for the practical tips offered throughout the book.

This highly acclaimed guide introduces and offers mastery of the four faces of Leadership Fitness®:

  • Clarity

    how to set a clear direction and articulate a compelling vision that encourages people to take action and remain focused.

  • Confidence

    strategies to quiet harmful inner voices and effectively push ahead with conviction and self-assurance.

  • Effectiveness

    a host of execution and implementation skills necessary to give life to any bold vision.

  • Vitality

    tools for building energy, stamina and endurance to remain engaged for the long haul.


Drawing on 30 years of leadership experience, mentoring and coaching, The Fit Leader’s Companion skillfully uses real-world examples to bring each aspect of the Leadership Fitness® Model to life.

Filled with practical exercises and highly memorable tools, it stands out as a guide that leaders will return to again and again to make their professional and personal lives more vibrant, sustainable and fulfilling.

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