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The Role of Humility

At the core of Servant Leadership is the concept of humility.  While traditional Bosses view leadership as a means of getting people to do what they want, Servant Leaders see opportunities to serve others.  Developing their people, creating connections and getting out of the way are some of the approaches often pursued by Servant Leaders.… Continue Reading The Role of Humility

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The 7 Fires of the Day

How many of us spend too much time, day in and day out, attending to the “7 fires of the day”? Many of my clients bemoan the fact that the big projects never seem to get the attention they require for meaningful accomplishment. Other newsletters and time-management gurus offer tons of advice, including: Don’t start… Continue Reading The 7 Fires of the Day

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Keys to Mastery

I just finished reading Mastery by Robert Greene. In this post, I share some of the main highlights of this elegant guide to achieving mastery in life. Pick a Lane To become masterful in life, we must discover our Life’s Task. “Picking a lane” ensures we stay focused on where we can make our greatest… Continue Reading Keys to Mastery

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Selling Your Ideas

Want to sell your idea? Here are 5 tips. 1. Do your homework. This is how you create a case that’s credible. 2. Invest time in connecting your ideas and recommendations to your organization’s existing strategy and priorities. 3. Try to anticipate questions and prepare appropriate responses in advance. 4. Do research so you can… Continue Reading Selling Your Ideas

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Your Ideas Matter

In many organizations, the best ideas are never advanced. Otherwise smart and seasoned, many leaders choose not to speak up. Powerful forces, working overtime in the space between our ears, conspire to paralyze us at the point of action. These saboteurs would have us believe that we are not good enough. These saboteurs would have… Continue Reading Your Ideas Matter

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