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The 20-50-30 Rule

When you are introducing change to your organization, keep the “20-50-30” rule in mind.  You can expect that roughly 20 percent of your people will generally resist any new idea or approach. If you’re like countless other leaders, you probably spend way too much of your precious time trying to convince this group to get… Continue Reading The 20-50-30 Rule

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Getting in the Mood

Creativity doesn’t happen in the five minutes between meetings or between reading our emails.  If we want to get in the right mood to be creative, we need to create a specific time and identify a specific place where we will focus only on being creative.  John Cleese, the famous British actor, of Monty Python… Continue Reading Getting in the Mood

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The Outward Mindset

Imagine a SWAT team busting into a home to arrest two drug dealers. The home is filled with mothers and their infant children. While the arrests are being made, the babies are screaming, not sure what is going on all around them. In the kitchen, one of the SWAT officers is looking for baby formula… Continue Reading The Outward Mindset

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Motivational Theories Revisited

In the mid-1950s, psychologist Abraham Maslow published his famous Hierarchy of Needs.  This pyramid comprised five levels, with Physiological Needs at the base and Self-Actualization at the top of his model.  According to Maslow, all five of these levels were capable of motivating people, in the order he laid them out in his hierarchy.  Maslow… Continue Reading Motivational Theories Revisited

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