My Favorite Reads in 2021

As a regular subscriber to The Fit Leader blog, you know that I am an avid reader, and often make references to books in my posts.

As we near the end of 2021, I’m happy to share my favorite reads for the year.

The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation and Growth by Amy Edmondson

Masters of Scale: Surprising Truths from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs by Reid Hoffman

The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performanceby Rich Diviney

Big Little Breakthroughs: How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results by Josh Linkner

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know by Malcolm Gladwell

Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old by Andrew Steele

The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing and the Future of the Human Race by Walter Isaacson

Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify and Stop Microaggressions by Tiffany Jana and Michael Baran

Numbers Don’t Lie: 71 Stories to Help Us Understand the Modern World by Vaclav Smil

The Premonition: A Pandemic Story by Michael Lewis

The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness by Frank Lipman

The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues by Patrick Lencioni

AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future by Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan

Enjoy your reading, and please let me know what some of your best reads were in 2021.