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Delivered Live and Virtually

Our unique process is your guide to sustainable leadership success.
Grounded in our Four Faces of Leadership Fitness®.

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40 Powerful Modules

In addition to Fit Leaders Academy, the on-demand leadership training experience that delivers 24 of our Leadership Fitness courses to your computer or other mobile device, the Institute also offers a version of our program providing live virtual access to our complete library of 40 courses. 

New learning formats, and advanced technologies for delivering interactive learning experiences, present viable opportunities for continued leadership development.  Our live virtual programs provide leaders with meaningful contact and connection, along with ongoing support and professional development as they continue leading and managing their teams. 

How Will Your Top Talent Sustain Their Excellence?

The Fit Leader’s Program is a groundbreaking approach to producing sustained contribution in your leaders – and all those they impact.

The cornerstone of our approach is Leadership Fitness® – creating personal Vitality and resilience that amplifies and sustains each individual’s Clarity, Confidence and Effectiveness.

Participants’ remarkable results derive from the Program’s unique and integrated approach combining:

  • Assessments– to identify and track strengths and opportunities.
  • Workshops– tool-based experiences to strengthen specific capabilities.
  • Coaching– for support, accountability and feedback.

What You Can Expect

At the end of the Fit Leader’s Program, your leaders are more effective at:

  • Setting a clear direction consistent with the strategic goals of your organization
  • Prioritizing opportunities that compete for their attention
  • Selling their ideas to colleagues and customers
  • Creating a work environment in which high performers thrive
  • Managing important change initiatives and transitions
  • Increasing the creativity, innovation and adaptability of their teams
  • Taming their self-sabotaging “inner voices” so self-doubt doesn’t get in the way of taking action
  • Utilizing delegation as a means to accelerate the development of successor candidates
  • Developing and delivering impactful presentations
  • Choosing foods, exercises and other healthy habits to maintain peak performance
  • Adjusting to the communication preferences and conflict management styles of others
  • Balancing periods of high engagement with periods of rest and rejuvenation

Program Structure

The Fit Leader’s Program is designed around:

  • Full-Day or Half-Day workshops, with in-depth tools and training on the four faces of Leadership Fitness®: Clarity, Confidence, Effectiveness, and Vitality.
  • Executive Coaching to provide ongoing feedback, support, and accountability.
  • Leadership Assessments that increase self-awareness and identify opportunities for growth.

Customized for Your Needs

The program for your organization will be customized. When you select our Virtual experience, we work with you to select the Leadership Fitness learning modules that fit best with your unique needs, and the developmental objectives you are seeking to satisfy. You will be able to choose from our complete library of 40 Leadership Fitness tools and processes.

Exercises and examples utilized throughout the Program will be tailored to your organization when you select our Virtual delivery option.

Group coaching is provided to celebrate the successful integration of our tools into the daily routines of your leaders, and to assist your leaders in overcoming any barriers they may be experiencing in applying what they learn in our workshops.

Program Content

Click on each Face of Leadership Fitness below to read short summaries of our 40 learning modules.

The 90-Day Runway teaches leaders a framework for goal achievement that creates the space for shifts in thinking and behavior necessary for obtaining desired results. Utilizing the concept of structural tension, leaders learn how to reduce the time and distance between their current reality and the future state they seek. We help leaders establish a baseline of their current reality for 20 specific activities comprising The Leadership Fit®> Assessment.

The MVV Equation teaches leaders how to articulate the what (mission), why (vision) and how (values) of organizations. Leaders learn how to translate the core purpose of an organization into memorable mission and vision statements. We teach leaders how to turn a strong set of shared values into competitive advantage when attracting and retaining talented people, building and sustaining high performance and fostering resiliency and adaptive capacity.

The Strategy Audit teaches leaders fifteen separate components of strategy development, execution and communication. Leaders learn how to identify their organizational or team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, along with the top three issues keeping their customers up at night. We teach leaders how to define specific actions they can take in the next 90 days to improve the communication of their team’s strategic direction.

The Opportunity Board teaches leaders that not all opportunities are created equal, and provides a tool for sorting through and prioritizing the opportunities competing for the leader’s attention. After completing an Opportunity Inventory, leaders learn how to place the universe of possibilities for achieving their organizational or team strategies onto an Opportunity Board using four categories of focus: Bullseye, In the Ballpark, Opportunistic Focus and Off the Board.

The Right Question teaches leaders how to pay attention to the structure of their questions so employees and colleagues more readily share their very best thoughts and ideas. Leaders learn how to ask powerful, open-ended questions that invite others to expand their horizons and consider fresh perspectives. We teach leaders how changing the way they ask their questions can lead to strikingly different ways of seeing the world and their lives.

The Intrapreneurial Mindset™ teaches leaders how to rekindle business growth and innovation by embodying the characteristics of entrepreneurs: passion, drive and a bias for action.  Leaders learn how to become intrapreneurs by challenging the status quo, persevering even in the face of uncertainty and using diplomacy to lead cross-functional teams.  We teach leaders how to reintroduce a start-up mentality when launching new projects, products or directions.

The Demographic Advantage teaches leaders how to appreciate generational diversity and manage the interactions across generations that can lead to misunderstandings and friction. Leaders learn how to help different demographic groups work together by emphasizing the advantages that come with diversity, and by exploring differences in expectations regarding how to accomplish tasks and reach goals.

The Transparent Leader teaches leaders how to increase personal credibility by practicing a “what you see is what you get” approach to leadership. Leaders learn the importance of being candid, honest and genuine; being consistent; keeping their commitments; and handling mistakes well. We teach leaders how to promote a free flow of information throughout the organization, and how to become aware of blind spots or performance gaps that can get in their way.

The Culture Shift™ teaches leaders how to identify and neutralize potentially-limiting values that waste energy and stifle employee engagement and organizational results.  Leaders learn how to build and sustain thriving, values-driven teams by addressing the disconnects between personal values, current organizational values and the cultural values most desired by key stakeholders in the organization. 

The Coaching Mindset™ teaches leaders how to focus more on asking questions and less on giving solutions.  Leaders learn how to provide support and encouragement to increase the motivation and commitment of their colleagues, by utilizing a comprehensive list of evocative coaching questions and inquiries.  Leaders also will learn how to deepen their active listening skills. 

The Confidence Net teaches leaders how to manage self doubt so they avoid becoming paralyzed at the point of action. Leaders learn strategies for dealing with both external and internal pushback, including use of the 21-day rule for developing positive habits to feed confidence on a daily basis. We teach leaders how to develop a personal Confidence Net by selecting four confidence-building behaviors they commit to developing in the next 90 days.

The Risk Quadrant teaches leaders about their own appetite for risk and introduces a four-quadrant model of risk taking behavior: fearful and paralyzed; frustrated and stalled; impatient and overconfident; and bold and focused. Leaders learn how to manage risk by weighing the pros and cons of their decisions, and maximizing the levels of clarity and confidence brought to each decision. We teach leaders to accept failure as an essential step in the learning process.

The Effective Close teaches leaders ten practical techniques for selling their ideas more confidently and effectively to bosses, colleagues and customers. Leaders learn to focus on relationship-based, emotionally-intelligent persuasion as opposed to coercion. We teach leaders the importance of appreciating objections, selling the solution, doing their homework, adjusting to the communication preferences of others and presenting with passion.

The Masterful Communicator teaches leaders how to bring the best out in others. Leaders learn that by understanding their own preferences for communicating with and relating to others, they can adapt their own communication behaviors to respond to the different styles of those with whom they interact. We teach leaders how to decrease miscommunication, promote appreciation of diversity and enhance individual and team performance.

The Professional Image™ teaches leaders how to enhance their executive presence by increasing their candor, passion and self-confidence.  Leaders learn how to manage the impression they make on others by leveraging their eyes, body language and voice.  We teach leaders how to project a more professional image by aligning with the expectations for professionalism in their organization.

The Brand Differentiator teaches leaders how to develop a strong personal leadership brand that is authentic and values-based. Leaders identify their signature story, and learn how to leverage their unique brand as a powerful communication tool. We study the brands of ten iconic leaders to see how they successfully manage and protect their respective brand equity and reputation. We also reveal what can tarnish a brand after years of hard work.

The 360° Landscape™ teaches leaders how to more effectively manage up, down and sideways.  Powerful and confidential feedback from the leader’s boss, peers and direct reports is collected and analyzed on twenty-two key leadership behaviors.  Leaders learn how others perceive their ability to create a vision, develop followers, implement their vision, follow through, achieve results and build a supportive team environment.

The Humble Servant teaches leaders how to promote a sense of community in the workplace, and how to share power when making decisions. Leaders learn the ways of being and capacities that are necessary for effective servant leadership: awareness, presence, availability, reflection, empathy, listening and receptivity, acceptance of others, intuition, generosity, foresight and transparency. We teach leaders how to balance self-interest and the common good.

The Emotional Ingredient™ teaches leaders how to identify and manage their emotions to positively impact their professional and personal lives.  Leaders learn how to become more self-aware of their impact on others as they explore the benefits of emotional intelligence. Leaders develop a sensitivity to emotional signals from within and from the social environment around them.

The Inclusive View teaches leaders how to promote inclusion through curiosity, collaboration and courage.  Leaders learn how to appreciate the diversity of individuals and ideas, and how to treat colleagues with fairness and respect.  Leaders also learn the benefits of exploring opposing points of view and opportunities to connect with a wide range of people where all have a voice.

The Gift of Feedback teaches leaders a hands-on approach for supporting and improving employee performance. Leaders learn and practice a seven-step process for conducting constructive feedback discussions with others. We teach leaders how to give feedback at the teachable moment, and how to balance positive and constructive feedback to maintain employee engagement and commitment.

The Leadership Fit® Change Profile teaches leaders how to utilize a multi-dimensional change grid to reveal their level of productive tension at any given time. Leaders chart their own readiness for action by assessing their perceived levels of ability, challenge and importance with respect to specific activities on their plate. We teach leaders strategies for both decreasing and increasing tension so they remain closer to their threshold of activation.

The Conflict Manager debunks the negative perceptions often associated with conflict by teaching leaders about the positive outcomes productive conflict can create in organizations. Leaders learn their go-to style of managing disagreements with others, and how to adapt their response to conflict based on the situation. We teach leaders a simple, yet powerful centering technique to help them maintain composure during difficult situations.

The Succession Matrix teaches leaders how to leave a legacy by managing succession in a way that is strategic, systematic and deliberate. Leaders learn how to create succession charts, and how to conduct talent reviews, to increase the bench strength of the organization. We teach leaders how to utilize delegation to increase the readiness of their people to take on more challenging assignments and responsibilities.

The Creative Potential teaches leaders how to create an environment where people feel safe coming up with new ideas. Leaders learn how to get into the right frame of mind, and how to remove several barriers to the creative process, including premature editing, playing it safe, rigidity and Groupthink. We teach leaders how to utilize five different creativity tools and techniques to foster the creative potential of their team.

The Master Motivator teaches leaders how to build employee engagement and commitment by increasing their reliance on intrinsic rewards. Leaders review classic motivational theories and discover new insights around what really motivates us. We teach leaders how to grow opportunities for mastery, autonomy and purpose in the workplace, and how to set up an environment where people experience small wins on a continuous basis.

The Impactful Presenter™ teaches leaders how to engage their audiences and deliver memorable presentations.  Leaders learn how to gauge the needs and expectations of their audiences and how to combine preparation, personal energy and visual simplicity to align their messages with key stakeholders.  We teach leaders what to focus on before, during and after their presentations.

The Change Manager™ teaches leaders how to more effectively manage important change initiatives and how to manage the three stages of transition, particularly helping people let go of the past.  Leaders learn how to defeat the forces of complacency, and how to overcome resistance to organizational change.  We teach leaders ten techniques to increase the likelihood that key stakeholders will adopt their proposals and other recommendations.

The Team Conductor™ teaches leaders how to leverage the building blocks of high-performing teams.  Leaders learn how to set proper expectations, establish team roles, hold team members accountable for results and build a collaborative team environment.  Leaders also learn the five stages of team development (forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning).

The Meeting Maestro teaches leaders how to facilitate well-run meetings.  Leaders learn how to avoid the root causes of poor meetings, and how to manage latecomers, agitators and hijackers.  Leaders also learn about the various types of meetings, and how not to comingle strategic, tactical and operational agendas in the same meeting.

The Vanishing To-Do List teaches leaders a productivity-boosting tool that ensures that items added to a daily task list disappear at the end of every day. Utilizing a three-step process, leaders learn how to confidently convert their to-do list into a temporary accumulator of promises and commitments made each day. We teach leaders how to watch their lists vanish at the end of each day by either implementing or scheduling the follow-up actions necessary to fulfill each task.

The Healthy Executive teaches leaders how small, but powerful, changes can increase their vitality. Designed around the principles of energy management, leaders learn how to incorporate regular exercise into their lives, and how to make better food choices to maintain their delicate pH balance. We teach leaders the importance of taking time out to rest and relax, and introduce nine different rejuvenation practices.

The Balance Booster teaches leaders how to balance their personal and professional obligations. Leaders rank their present level of satisfaction in eight different slices of their life, including career, family and friends, significant other/romance, fun and recreation, health, money, personal growth and physical environment. We teach leaders how to identify specific actions they can take to boost their balance in each of the above components of their lives.

The Oscillating Life teaches leaders how to create more rhythm in their lives by encouraging greater oscillation between work and play. Leaders learn how to carve out time devoted exclusively to rest and rejuvenation. We work with leaders to help them identify what activities are most rejuvenating for them, and offer five strategies for increasing the likelihood that leaders maintain their commitment to taking take time off on a regular basis.

The Attention Keeper focuses on the fragility of attention and the risks associated with working on too many things at once. Leaders learn how to achieve a healthy balance between directed and involuntary attention. We teach leaders how to optimize their productivity and performance by overcoming distractions, and by adopting up to sixteen specific strategies for maintaining dedicated focus on what’s most important in their organization.

The Periodic Break™ teaches leaders how to maintain peak performance and personal energy by structuring their days in ways that help them avoid the overwhelm often associated with an endless focus on work.  Leaders learn how to achieve real renewal by planning periodic or intermittent breaks throughout the day.  We introduce pioneering research on the “basic rest-activity cycle” that suggests the human body’s need for breaks after 90 minutes of activity.  

The Innovation Broker teaches leaders how to create a culture of innovation and enable reinvention. Leaders learn how to become champions of change by promoting pipelines for new ideas and instituting metrics to track innovations across the organization. We teach leaders how to “fail fast” by sponsoring pilot tests and setting up key milestones to evaluate feasibility, attractiveness and payback.

The Adaptability Quotient™ teaches leaders how to align their individual contributions with the different stages of an organization’s lifecycle.  Leaders learn how to remain nimble and flexible in spite of continuous change.  We teach leaders how to move more easily from one set of circumstances to the next, and how to avoid getting stuck by becoming complacent with what’s worked before.

The Resiliency Reserve™ teaches leaders how to adapt to complex change and bounce back from major setbacks.  Leaders learn how to balance high achievement with self-care, and how to thrive in an always “on” environment.  Leaders will assess their own resiliency and identify the protective factors contributing to their ability to overcome hardships and uncertainty in both their professional and personal lives.

The Mindful Presence teaches leaders the importance of routine reflection and provides a repertoire of mindfulness practices designed to sharpen focus.  Leaders learn how to develop a capacity to be still, and how to find their inherent peaceful state.  Leaders explore various approaches to meditation as a way to tap into their intuition, overcome fear-based reactions and focus more on the present.