The Leadership Fitness® Experience You Can Access On the Go and On Demand

Our vision is simple:

To create fit and vibrant leaders

who enjoy balanced lives marked by

personal health and sustained contribution.

The Four Faces of Leadership Fitness

  • Clarity

    How to set a clear direction that encourages people to take action and remain focused.

  • Confidence

    Strategies to quiet inner voices and push ahead with conviction and self-assurance.

  • Effectiveness

    Execution and implementation skills necessary to give life to any bold vision.

  • Vitality

    Tools to build energy, stamina and endurance to remain engaged for the long haul.

Fit Leaders Academy provides leaders with an accessible and affordable way to learn what it takes to move from confusion to Clarity, from fear to Confidence, from frustration to Effectiveness and from overwhelm to Vitality. 

View This 5 Minute Introductory Video

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4 Short Videos That Preview Our Curriculum

What You Will Experience

  • 16 training videos offering expert instruction with over 13 hours of content.

  • 2 group coaching calls, each month, to provide support, feedback and accountability.

  • 4 assessments to identify, track and impact leadership styles.

  • 20 different downloadable and interactive resources to guide learning.

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        The Course

        The Effective Close™

        Learn how to sell your ideas more confidently and effectively to bosses, colleagues and customers.

        The 90 Day Runway™

        Learn how to create the space for shifts in your thinking and behavior necessary for obtaining desired results.

        The Confidence Net™

        Learn how to manage self-doubt so that you avoid becoming paralyzed at the point of action.

        The Strategy Audit™

        Learn how to apply fifteen different components of strategy development, execution and communication.

        The Leadership Fit® Change Profile™

        Learn how to attain your threshold of activation by managing your tension and increasing your readiness for action.

        The Opportunity Board™

        Learn how to sort through and prioritize all of the opportunities competing for your attention.

        The Conflict Manager™

        Learn how to adapt your go-to style for managing disagreements and how to center yourself when you get anxious.

        The Succession Matrix™

        Learn how to leave a legacy by managing succession and utilizing delegation to increase the readiness of others.

        The Gift of Feedback™

        Learn how to give feedback using our 7-step process for conducting constructive feedback conversations.

        The Vanishing To-Do List™

        Learn how to boost your productivity by making your to-do list vanish at the end of every day.

        The MVV Equation™

        Learn how to articulate the what (mission), the why (vision) and the how (values) of your organization.

        The Balance Booster™

        Learn how to balance your personal and professional obligations by changing the way you allocate your time today.

        The Risk Quadrant™

        Learn how to manage your tolerance for risk and accept failure as an essential step in the learning process.

        The Healthy Executive™

        Learn how to increase your energy, make better food choices and incorporate regular periods of rest in your life.

        The Masterful Communicator™

        Learn how to decrease miscommunication and enhance performance by adapting your communication style to the needs of others.

        The Oscillating Life™

        Learn how to create more rhythm in your life by encouraging greater oscillation between work and play.

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              What Others Are Saying

              Robin Damschroder Robin Damschroder, Chief Operating Office, Trinity Health

              The Institute for Leadership Fitness does a wonderful job of allowing you to analyze your own leadership skills in the context of your organization’s dynamics. It offers opportunities to further develop your skills to positively influence outcomes within your team and across the organization.

              Julie K. Norris Julie K. Norris, Chief Attorney Development & Recruitment Officer, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP

              David is a true leader in the field of professional coaching and leadership development. His rare combination of business skills and coaching / facilitation skills sets him apart. David brings tremendous value and insight to every engagement; he is synonymous with “top quality."

              Manjinder Sodhi Manjinder Sodhi, IT Global Program Manager, General Motors Corporation

              Dr. Chinsky is on a mission to create successful leaders for the future. I have had the opportunity to personally attend a number of workshops organized by the Institute. Fit Leaders Academy is a "must-join" for inspiring leaders and I strongly recommend it.

               Elliot Forsyth Elliot Forsyth, Vice President of Business Operations, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

              David is a trusted business and organizational consultant. Through his counsel and leadership, key business leaders achieved meaningful results and outcomes. We have used his highly regarded "Leadership Fitness" program with outstanding results. I highly recommend David and his organization.

              Teresa Katlin Teresa Katlin, Senior Engagement Manager, Johnson & Johnson

              I attended David’s Leadership Fitness program in 2011. David’s leadership experience, coaching skills and his program are very effective for leaders at various levels in an organization. The course was hands-on and unique compared to other leadership courses I have participated in.

              Skotti Fietsam Skotti Fietsam, Director, Global Supplier Development, BorgWarner

              David has a wealth of knowledge and experience as both a leader and a leadership coach. His enthusiasm for coaching is contagious. He has a passion for continuous improvement, including self-improvement. I would highly recommend David’s Leadership Fitness Program. It helped to improve my personal and professional growth.