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Leading people is hard.

And just like anything else, if you want to get better at it, it takes work. But there's a problem...

The Problem.

Often, we find ourselves in leadership roles without the proper training and guidance to be successful, which leaves us feeling unprepared and unsure of what we're doing.

If you're like most leaders, you probably hoped to figure it out on your own by trying some of these:



With over 60,000 books on leadership, the choices are overwhelming. Books are an abstraction of the author's experience, and lack the context of your organization.

It can be confusing to know how to best implement and practice.



They can be boring and ineffective. They teach gimmicky tactics that feel fake and insincere. Many of them focus on theory that just doesn't work in the real world.

Leaving the office for days means extra time playing catch-up when you return.


On-The-Job Training

The quality of your training is determined by a dangerous game of "trainer roulette". There is a tendency to do what's "Always been done" even if there are far better ways.

Managers are busy and finding time for quality training can be difficult.

And no matter what you tried, you still haven't found great solutions to the many challenges you face every day.

For example:

- Maybe you're a new leader who feels insecure about how you'll be viewed by your former peers (who you now are expected to lead.)

- Perhaps you have some difficult personalities that you don't know how to reach.

- You're putting out fires every day and have trouble finding the time to do the deep work that moves your organization forward.

- You burn the candle at both ends trying to keep up with the workload, but it feels like you're on a hamster wheel.

Sound Familiar?

Hi, My name is David Chinsky. I'm an author, executive coach, and the founder of the Institute for Leadership Fitness. For over two decades, I successfully led and mentored teams, both large and small, at companies like Ford Motor Company, Nestle and Thomson Reuters.

Over time, I uncovered techniques that proved to be so effective in developing strong and capable leaders, that I was asked to teach them to managers and department heads at every level of some of the biggest brands in the world.

I have since trained over 6,000 people from over a dozen countries around the world and in every sector of the economy, from corporate leaders and non-profit executives to government officials at the federal, state and municipal level.

Now, I want to share that training with you.

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Welcome to Fit Leaders Academy

Our unique process is your guide to sustainable leadership success.
Grounded in our Four Faces of Leadership Fitness®.

Group 10
Group 9
Group 7
Group 8
Group 13

How to set a clear direction that encourages people to take action and remain focused.

Group 5

Strategies to quiet inner voices and push ahead with conviction and self-assurance.

Group 12

Execution and implementation skills necessary to give life to any bold vision.

Group 6

Tools to build energy, stamina and endurance to remain engaged for the long haul.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Skotti Fietsam

"Fit Leaders Academy delivers. I've done Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, ropes courses, etc. and my team found the real-life work examples presented in this course to be the most applicable to their every day work. The sooner a team goes through this course together, the sooner you will move from Storming to Norming!"

-Skotti Fietsam, Senior Operations Manager, Amazon

Luigi Pecoraro

"I credit you with playing a large role in keeping me sharp, effective and healthy on my life and leadership journey. I am on track with my vitality goals, and I wanted to say thanks for keeping that a core focus of your Leadership Fitness program."

- Luigi Pecoraro, Managing Director, SMU Cox Executive Education

Karen Amman

"I wanted to let you know that I found this training extremely valuable. The biggest impact has been a huge increase in my confidence level in dealing with the assortment of employee issues we as managers face every day."

- Karen Amman, Operations Director, Michigan Medicine


Like a stool, if any of the legs are weak, it becomes less stable. If it's too unstable, it can become downright dangerous.

Fit Leaders Academy gives equal attention to each of the Four Faces of Leadership Fitness so you can be an agile, competent and energetic leader and be confident that you're leading your team in a winning direction.

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24 Powerful Modules

Six modules in each Face of Leadership Fitness

Fit Leaders Academy brings the same world-class training I've delivered to multiple Fortune 100 companies and departments of the US Government (at a price tag of nearly $5,000 per participant) right to your living room. And at a fraction of the price.

You'll get everything you need to develop into a confident and respected leader without the expensive travel, or hollow theory that looks great on paper, but doesn't seem to work when it matters.

Master the tools and frameworks to inspire and elevate your team to new heights and transform your organization.

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Learn on your own or with your team.

Learn anytime, anywhere.


Do you manage a small team and want to get better at leading and inspiring change?
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What Makes Fit Leaders Academy So Effective

Most leadership training programs focus on narrow skills that ignore the other critical elements that make a well-rounded and effective leader.

While coaching high-potential leaders in some of the most demanding industries in the world, I identified four crucial areas of leadership success that have the most significant long-term impact for leaders and their organizations.

Group 10


How to set a clear direction that encourages people to take action and remain focused.

Group 9


Strategies to quiet inner voices and push ahead with conviction and self-assurance.

Group 7


Execution and implementation skills necessary to give life to any bold vision.

Group 8


Tools to build energy, stamina and endurance to remain engaged for the long haul.

Click on any Face of Leadership Fitness below to get more details...

The 90-Day Runway teaches leaders a framework for goal achievement that creates the space for shifts in thinking and behavior necessary for obtaining desired results. Utilizing the concept of structural tension, leaders learn how to reduce the time and distance between their current reality and the future state they seek. We help leaders establish a baseline of their current reality for 20 specific activities comprising The Leadership Fit®> Assessment.

The MVV Equation teaches leaders how to articulate the what (mission), why (vision) and how (values) of organizations. Leaders learn how to translate the core purpose of an organization into memorable mission and vision statements. We teach leaders how to turn a strong set of shared values into competitive advantage when attracting and retaining talented people, building and sustaining high performance and fostering resiliency and adaptive capacity.

The Strategy Audit teaches leaders fifteen separate components of strategy development, execution and communication. Leaders learn how to identify their organizational or team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, along with the top three issues keeping their customers up at night. We teach leaders how to define specific actions they can take in the next 90 days to improve the communication of their team’s strategic direction.

The Opportunity Board teaches leaders that not all opportunities are created equal, and provides a tool for sorting through and prioritizing the opportunities competing for the leader’s attention. After completing an Opportunity Inventory, leaders learn how to place the universe of possibilities for achieving their organizational or team strategies onto an Opportunity Board using four categories of focus: Bullseye, In the Ballpark, Opportunistic Focus and Off the Board.

The Demographic Advantage teaches leaders how to appreciate generational diversity and manage the interactions across generations that can lead to misunderstandings and friction. Leaders learn how to help different demographic groups work together by emphasizing the advantages that come with diversity, and by exploring differences in expectations regarding how to accomplish tasks and reach goals.

The Transparent Leader teaches leaders how to increase personal credibility by practicing a “what you see is what you get” approach to leadership. Leaders learn the importance of being candid, honest and genuine; being consistent; keeping their commitments; and handling mistakes well. We teach leaders how to promote a free flow of information throughout the organization, and how to become aware of blind spots or performance gaps that can get in their way.

The Confidence Net teaches leaders how to manage self doubt so they avoid becoming paralyzed at the point of action. Leaders learn strategies for dealing with both external and internal pushback, including use of the 21-day rule for developing positive habits to feed confidence on a daily basis. We teach leaders how to develop a personal Confidence Net by selecting four confidence-building behaviors they commit to developing in the next 90 days.

The Effective Close teaches leaders ten practical techniques for selling their ideas more confidently and effectively to bosses, colleagues and customers. Leaders learn to focus on relationship-based, emotionally-intelligent persuasion as opposed to coercion. We teach leaders the importance of appreciating objections, selling the solution, doing their homework, adjusting to the communication preferences of others and presenting with passion.

The Risk Quadrant teaches leaders about their own appetite for risk and introduces a four-quadrant model of risk taking behavior: fearful and paralyzed; frustrated and stalled; impatient and overconfident; and bold and focused. Leaders learn how to manage risk by weighing the pros and cons of their decisions, and maximizing the levels of clarity and confidence brought to each decision. We teach leaders to accept failure as an essential step in the learning process.

The Masterful Communicator teaches leaders how to bring the best out in others. Leaders learn that by understanding their own preferences for communicating with and relating to others, they can adapt their own communication behaviors to respond to the different styles of those with whom they interact. We teach leaders how to decrease miscommunication, promote appreciation of diversity and enhance individual and team performance.

The Brand Differentiator teaches leaders how to develop a strong personal leadership brand that is authentic and values-based. Leaders identify their signature story, and learn how to leverage their unique brand as a powerful communication tool. We study the brands of ten iconic leaders to see how they successfully manage and protect their respective brand equity and reputation. We also reveal what can tarnish a brand after years of hard work.

The Humble Servant teaches leaders how to promote a sense of community in the workplace, and how to share power when making decisions. Leaders learn the ways of being and capacities that are necessary for effective servant leadership: awareness, presence, availability, reflection, empathy, listening and receptivity, acceptance of others, intuition, generosity, foresight and transparency. We teach leaders how to balance self-interest and the common good.

The Gift of Feedback teaches leaders a hands-on approach for supporting and improving employee performance. Leaders learn and practice a seven-step process for conducting constructive feedback discussions with others. We teach leaders how to give feedback at the teachable moment, and how to balance positive and constructive feedback to maintain employee engagement and commitment.

The Leadership Fit® Change Profile teaches leaders how to utilize a multi-dimensional change grid to reveal their level of productive tension at any given time. Leaders chart their own readiness for action by assessing their perceived levels of ability, challenge and importance with respect to specific activities on their plate. We teach leaders strategies for both decreasing and increasing tension so they remain closer to their threshold of activation.

The Conflict Manager debunks the negative perceptions often associated with conflict by teaching leaders about the positive outcomes productive conflict can create in organizations. Leaders learn their go-to style of managing disagreements with others, and how to adapt their response to conflict based on the situation. We teach leaders a simple, yet powerful centering technique to help them maintain composure during difficult situations.

The Succession Matrix teaches leaders how to leave a legacy by managing succession in a way that is strategic, systematic and deliberate. Leaders learn how to create succession charts, and how to conduct talent reviews, to increase the bench strength of the organization. We teach leaders how to utilize delegation to increase the readiness of their people to take on more challenging assignments and responsibilities.

The Creative Potential teaches leaders how to create an environment where people feel safe coming up with new ideas. Leaders learn how to get into the right frame of mind, and how to remove several barriers to the creative process, including premature editing, playing it safe, rigidity and Groupthink. We teach leaders how to utilize five different creativity tools and techniques to foster the creative potential of their team.

The Master Motivator teaches leaders how to build employee engagement and commitment by increasing their reliance on intrinsic rewards. Leaders review classic motivational theories and discover new insights around what really motivates us. We teach leaders how to grow opportunities for mastery, autonomy and purpose in the workplace, and how to set up an environment where people experience small wins on a continuous basis.

The Balance Booster teaches leaders how to balance their personal and professional obligations. Leaders rank their present level of satisfaction in eight different slices of their life, including career, family and friends, significant other/romance, fun and recreation, health, money, personal growth and physical environment. We teach leaders how to identify specific actions they can take to boost their balance in each of the above components of their lives.

The Oscillating Life teaches leaders how to create more rhythm in their lives by encouraging greater oscillation between work and play. Leaders learn how to carve out time devoted exclusively to rest and rejuvenation. We work with leaders to help them identify what activities are most rejuvenating for them, and offer five strategies for increasing the likelihood that leaders maintain their commitment to taking take time off on a regular basis.

The Vanishing To-Do List teaches leaders a productivity-boosting tool that ensures that items added to a daily task list disappear at the end of every day. Utilizing a three-step process, leaders learn how to confidently convert their to-do list into a temporary accumulator of promises and commitments made each day. We teach leaders how to watch their lists vanish at the end of each day by either implementing or scheduling the follow-up actions necessary to fulfill each task.

The Healthy Executive teaches leaders how small, but powerful, changes can increase their vitality. Designed around the principles of energy management, leaders learn how to incorporate regular exercise into their lives, and how to make better food choices to maintain their delicate pH balance. We teach leaders the importance of taking time out to rest and relax, and introduce nine different rejuvenation practices.

The Innovation Broker teaches leaders how to create a culture of innovation and enable reinvention. Leaders learn how to become champions of change by promoting pipelines for new ideas and instituting metrics to track innovations across the organization. We teach leaders how to “fail fast” by sponsoring pilot tests and setting up key milestones to evaluate feasibility, attractiveness and payback.

The Attention Keeper focuses on the fragility of attention and the risks associated with working on too many things at once. Leaders learn how to achieve a healthy balance between directed and involuntary attention. We teach leaders how to optimize their productivity and performance by overcoming distractions, and by adopting up to sixteen specific strategies for maintaining dedicated focus on what’s most important in their organization.

What are people saying about Fit Leaders Academy?

Ellipse 6

"We started working with David in 2013 and around 2,750 State of Michigan leaders have since gone through his program. We have conducted six employee surveys since 2012 and have seen a significant favorable increase in responses to the survey's leadership questions demonstrating that the program did have impact. David has truly changed the way individuals lead others at the State of Michigan."

- James Willems, Employee Engagement Manager, State of Michigan

Ellipse 7

"I would say that this is the best practical leadership course you could invest in. David and his program helped me see that I was talented enough, I knew enough, and that I was seen as a senior leader. I know that I have the ability to get done what needs to be accomplished. I have asked for raises confidently and received them. I have used this material to coach many of my mentees, friends and direct reports. For me, Fit Leaders Academy was a game changer."

- Loree Collett, Associate Hospital Director, Michigan Medicine

Ellipse 2

"David is a consummate coaching and consulting professional. With his fingers ever on the pulse of executive leadership today, David has created a host of programs, products and services designed to boost leadership fitness and create vibrant leaders for his clients around the world. In addition to his robust academic and professional background, David is a creative, innovative and sensitive thought leader."

- T. Falcon Napier, Founder, Institute for Productive Tension®

Ellipse 3-1

"David's program helped me to "slow down" as I sought to better understand the various
members of my team. This strengthened the team as trust was deepened, and it changed how
I manage my teams and how I interact with others in my company."

- Todd Breault, Sales Manager, Sciaky, Inc.

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A score above 70 is considered "world-class".

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