Last month I attended the annual meeting of the International Coach Federation. Resisting the temptation to attend one more left-brained session chock full of information, I decided instead to move outside of my comfort zone and experience “laughter yoga”.

I was sitting with over 100 other coaches, apprehensively waiting to see what this session was all about, when Sophie Terrasse (born in France, living in Ottawa, Canada) suddenly broke out in laughter. Within seconds, the entire room was laughing uproariously. Sophie, a certified laughter coach, knows how to laugh. She soon shared that she was laughing “for no reason at all”.

For the next two hours, we laughed, sang, danced and engaged in yoga postures and breathing. We learned that laughter yoga is a new revolution in body-mind medicine that combines simple laughter exercises and gentle yoga breathing to enhance health and happiness. Most of us left this session feeling renewed and more balanced than when we came in.

Right after the session, I stopped in the hall to chat with a fellow coach and she immediately noticed that I was radiating happiness and joy and started quizzing me on what had just happened. I simply told her that ‘7 days without laughter makes one weak!!!!