Fit leaders learn that asking the right question is often more important than knowing the right answer.  

A few years ago, one of my clients introduced  me to David Whyte, a poet and a naturalist.

Whyte shows us how changing the way we ask our questions can lead to strikingly different ways of seeing the world and our lives. 

Take a look at the following sets of contrasting questions. 

When waking up early

Can I fall back asleep again?
Should I go back to bed?


What would be the best way to start my day?
How can I energize myself?

When contemplating exercise (and feeling unmotivated)

Can I skip it for today?
Don’t I deserve a day off?


What should I listen to while I work out?
What will the feeling be like when I accomplish my fitness goals?

When considering a dietary improvement

What foods am I going to have to give up?
How am I going to deal with the deprivation?


What foods that I like will I get to eat more of?
What new foods can I experiment with?

When nearing the end of the workday

Have I done enough that I can justify quitting for the day?
Can I finish this tomorrow?


What’s next?
How can I complete one more task?

When facing an unfamiliar social situation

How did I get myself into this situation?
Can I get out of going?


How much fun will it be to meet some new people?
What can I expect others to have in common with me?

What questions are you asking today that can be converted into more powerful inquiries?