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Being in the Now

Are you mindful? Mindfulness means you’re focused fully on what you are doing in the *present* moment. Since mindfulness is centered on the present, it means letting go of emotions related to the past and the future. It’s about being in the now. Over the next few days, be aware of your mindfulness. If you’re… Continue Reading Being in the Now

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Building a Brand

Brands are made, not born. A brand is also not a first impression; it is built over time. Leadership brands are built around what is real and authentic about the leaders they represent. In 1997, Fast Company magazine featured a cover story called “The Brand Called You”.  This story encouraged individual leaders to find a… Continue Reading Building a Brand

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Culture is an Outcome

Organizations confront opportunities to change on a regular basis. Whether it is an update to a long-held policy or procedure, an improvement in how leaders provide feedback to others or an increase on the part of managers to speak truth to power, one retort is heard more often than any other. This most common theme… Continue Reading Culture is an Outcome

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"To Be" or Not "To Be"

Is it possible that the words we use prevent us from seeing the world and the people in it as they really are? Our words directly shape how we see the world and how we engage with others. Benjamin Lee Whorf, a linguist, suggests that “by altering our use of language, we also revise how… Continue Reading "To Be" or Not "To Be"

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Putting a Saddle on a Duck

In our interactions with others, it is all too common to get frustrated with what people aren’t. Rather than celebrating and leveraging the strengths of those we work with, we can easily end up communicating an expectation that everyone must be good at everything. Have you ever tried putting a saddle on a duck? How… Continue Reading Putting a Saddle on a Duck

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