Pushing Back

One of the hallmarks of leadership is having the confidence to push back. In doing so, we give voice to our unique perspective on an issue.

When everyone around the table seems to be agreeing on everything, one can surmise that there are differing points of view that are not surfacing.

Groupthink can lead a team or an entire organization to take actions that some believe privately are not correct, even though publicly they go along.

The status quo is a powerful force, creating inertia that can be hard to overcome. Getting too comfortable with a “sure thing” can perpetuate the wrong thing.

It takes courage to speak up and take action. It only takes one voice for the system to begin its transformation into something new and potentially better.

Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Push back on long-held assumptions and examine new ideas and proposals.

As Seth Godin has said “Better is possible‚Ķ if we care enough to walk away from what was and brave enough to build something new”.