Recently, I spent a couple of days with an executive management team facilitating their annual strategic planning process. This was my second year in a row working with this team and I was struck with how confidently each executive worked with his or her colleagues. The level of trust was high, evident by each team member’s willingness and comfort in questioning one another’s ideas and looking at issues from the perspective of the entire company and not just their respective division.

As we wrapped up our two days together, having helped them complete their ambitious 2010 strategic plan, I asked the team to identify and name their strengths, both individually and collectively. These strengths, listed below, will continue to feed the confidence of this executive team as they take on the many challenges and opportunities of 2010.

Team Strengths

Deep knowledge of our market and customers
Consistent in our communication
Make decisions rapidly
Hard working
Execution focus
Fun loving
Willing to share resources
Open to change
Committed to success
None of us are self-serving
Good leadership skills
Good problem solving skills
Sense of humor

These strengths will continue to motivate and support the actions of my client as they move into 2010. What strengths feed the confidence of your team?