With only one day left on the calendar this year, our attention naturally shifts to the year ahead. How will we make 2013 bigger, better, more profitable and more impactful?

For some leaders, this may be about expanding existing product and service lines, while for others the focus may be on innovating and bringing fresh ideas and programs to the marketplace. I suspect for many of us it is a combination of both.

In addition to our focus on next year’s business strategies and the results we expect to achieve at work, many leaders also spend time at the end of each year to reflect on and renew personal goals in the important areas of health, finances, relationships and personal growth.

The sad truth for many of us is that these desires and hoped for results in the year ahead, whether personal or professional, will not be realized. The reason for this likely outcome is something that Kim Yost, CEO of Art Van, and author of Pumptitude and Maximum Pumptitude, describes as our not really, really, really wanting these outcomes and results.

I had the pleasure of hearing Kim Yost speak last month at a meeting of The Collaborative Group, where he challenged everyone present to pledge and commit to the steps necessary for reliably achieving the results we plan for 2013, including setting clear goals and objectives, building a gamebook, keeping focused on priorities, and continuously asking “What’s working?” and “What’s not working?”

2013 can be our best year ever if we commit to being “all in” and to holding nothing back.

In our Fit Leader’s Program, we talk often about The 90 Day Runway™ where we encourage our clients to set and accomplish 90-day goals. For most of us, a 90-day period creates a sufficient runway to achieve meaningful progress toward our goals, and it is a short enough period to compel action now.

I invite you to join me in getting pumped up for a spectacular year ahead.