What If We Didn’t Know?

What if we didn’t know someone’s political beliefs, or whether they were for or against vaccinations?

What if we didn’t know how much money or education they have, or what religion, if any, they adhere to?

How would the quality of our relationships with these same individuals change, if all of a sudden we found out their political beliefs were opposite of ours, or that they were older or younger than we thought?

As human beings, we tend to gravitate toward sameness, and find it difficult to avoid judging someone who is different from us.

In the next 30 days, consider scheduling time with someone who is different from you.

For example, choose someone who may have voted for the other candidate, someone who is at a different level within your organization or someone from another country.

Answer the following questions after your meeting:

1. How do you feel after this conversation with someone different?

2. What did you learn about yourself?

3. How does this change the way you think about differences?

The expanded self-awareness that comes from this 30-day challenge will help us progress from looking for sameness to seeking complexity based on differences and diversity.