Stress has become a buzzword, but most of us don’t really know what it is.

According to my friend Dr. Heidi Hanna, the word itself can cause stress just because it’s difficult to define. We use it as a catchall for anything that feels off in our lives, and by dumping problems into a bucket of “stress” we leave ourselves feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

Stress is simply a stimulus for change, and its impact is based on our ability to effectively adapt. You can make stress your friend with some very simple tools and techniques.

The upcoming Global Stress Summit will tell you how, absolutely free and from the comfort of your own home or office.  I have personally contributed to the Summit by helping curate some of the content.

In addition to receiving access to more than 20 expert interviews, your participation in the summit will give you exclusive access to daily meditations designed to enhance your learning experience, free assessment tools to help you uncover your unique relationship with stress, and an invitation to continue the conversation live in the Stress Mastery VIP Facebook page before, during and after the summit.

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