The Tip of the Iceberg

Some aspects of organizational culture are visible on the surface, like the tip of an iceberg.

Others are implicit and submerged within the organization.

Because these ingrained assumptions are tacit and below the surface, they are not easy to see or deal with, although they affect everything the organization does.

What are some of the aspects below the surface that are contributing to the current culture of your organization?

At the end of the day, an organization’s values (particularly the values of its leaders) define the organization’s culture.

The more positive values we manifest, the more wholesome the culture we get.

If instead, the leaders of an organization manifest potentially-limiting values, cultural entropy results.

Cultural entropy is a measure of conflict, friction and frustration that exists in an organization.

It is the amount of energy in an organizational culture that is consumed in doing unproductive work – work that does not add value.

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