When it comes to making decisions on a team, the leader has multiple options. The default style of decision-making is often voting. Using this style, the leader asks each member of the team to declare their support or opposition, and then the leader endorses the majority view.

Another common decision-making style is consensus. Unlike voting, the leader using this style avoids moving forward until everyone on the team is “at peace” with the decision.

While consensus places equal value on all contributors, and maximizes the amount of input before moving forward, this style of decision-making can be slow and interfere with the ability of a team or an organization to move swiftly enough to take advantage of opportunities in front of them.

A third style of decision-making encourages leaders to proactively invite input from others on the team, and perhaps even outside of the team, and then to personally make the call by declaring his or her decision.

What is your organization’s prevalent style of decision-making, and how is it serving you, your team and your organization as a whole?